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Silver Package

A 10kW solar system offers significant advantages to homeowners and businesses aiming to maximize energy production and savings. Recently, the popularity of 10kW solar systems in residential settings has surged, driven by advancements in panel efficiency and decreasing panel prices. While some solar companies still promote smaller systems to attract customers with lower prices, at Flux Solar, we prioritize tailored solutions that ensure long-term benefits for our customers. This often involves finding the right balance between installing a larger system and considering the customer's budget.

In the solar installation world, there's no shortage of choices for adjusting components to fit your budget. Here at Flux, we're firm believers in fully embracing top-tier, high-quality parts. After all, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". And when it comes to solar, investing in quality components can lead to significant returns down the line.

10kW Solar System Features

Solar Panel

23 X 440W - Vertex S+ Solar Panels Mono Crystalline, High Efficiency, Reputable Manufacturer, 5 Year Warranty

Premium Quality Solar Panel Inverter, Fronius Primo

8kW - Fronius Inverter
High Efficiency, Premium Brand, 
5 year warranty

Solar Mounting Kit

Versatile mounting kit for tin, tile, slate, and wood roofs.
Fully anodized, corrosion-resistant and lightweight designed for seamless installation.


Brands We Worth With

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